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The Zimbabwe Republic Police is warning Commuter Omnibus operators who are not registered under
the Zimbabwe United Passengers Company ( ZUPCO) to stop ferrying passengers.

These are accused of not following the Covid 19 regulations.

In a press statement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police to the kombi operator’s, only kombis contracted to
the ZUPCO franchise are allowed to ferry passengers.

Adding on to this statement the police also warned
members of the public not to cry foul if the law takes its course. This follows the realisation by ZRP that
many commuter omnibus are operating illegally both in and outside the CBD.

Passengers who are being ferried by these kombis are undoubtedly not following the Covid 19 restrictions.
which have been put in place whereby many drivers and touts will not be putting on their face masks.

This is evident during this festive season whereby many people are running around shopping. In an interview with tknews, constable Tavengwa made it clear that the fight to remove these illegal ferrying scheme is real.

Tknews also made an inquiry on the safety of the civilians during these fights whereby police officers smash windows with passengers inside.

In his defense, Constable Tavengwa emphasized that the public should not board these vehicles in the first place.

However these kombis have resorted to cardboard
boxes in place of windscreens. This again poses danger to the passengers as most of them will be unaware of whether they have reached their destination or not.

Putting cardboard boxes in place of windows is also a violation of covid19 regulations. It makes the vehicle confined does not promote circulation of air.

The Police spokesperson have given a stern warning on
impounding all those combis without proper windscreens.

This kind of behavior has been witnessed in
some parts of Harare and Bulawayo. Drivers are not putting on face masks, not practicing social
distancing and putting four passengers in the front seat.

Covid 19 is still a threat and the public in general are encouraged to sanitize, wear masks and practice social distancing.


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