Zesa on electricity faults.

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 The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC ) has urged citizens to report to their respective local boards and municipalities. This was followed several reports on the issues of unresolved electricity faults in various places in the country. Some of these citizens have over two weeks without electricity.


Some of these bitter citizens informed tknews that they are tired of reporting the issue. This is due to the fact that the responsible authorities procrastinate, ignore or give excuses. In an interview with tknews, the spokesperson addressed the issue. Firstly he urged the responsible municipalities  to take it upon themselves to answer such complains in their respective areas.

Secondly the urged them to make sure that trees which overlap on the electricity distribution wires are trimmed. Another option he gave was to completely cut them. He noted that with the prevailing weather of downpours and gusty winds, this can endanger citizens.  Citizens which also have trees in their compounds are urged to consider the same initiatives.

Apart from the general electricity cuts in the country, the falling trees are also causing the same. Mr Chingwa also emphasized that it is not only  the job of the authorities to insure public safety. The public also has to take an active role. This include reporting faults. Reporting sagging electricity wires as well as fallen or rickety poles. He concluded with the idea that it is the right of every citizen to benefit from utility services. However, citizens should exercise this right by reporting. Tknews.

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