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Did WWE SmackDown make a mistake with a newly formed team?
Kevin Owens was the victim of not one, but two attacks this week.
WWE SmackDown was a fun, albeit uneventful show this week in the build to TLC. While the two hours flew by at a much faster pace than say, RAW does, there were no real talking points to emerge from WWE SmackDown, per se.

So, there’s little that can be grouped into the ‘worst’ column from WWE SmackDown and even the points that are mentioned in this article should be treated as little more than one person’s opinion. At the same time, nothing stood out from the show either, so make of this episode what you will.

#1 Best: Carmella came across as a much bigger star than before on WWE SmackDown this week, with a new associate

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown opened with and closed with Sasha Banks, who carries herself like a star, and Carmella who reached the level of stardom this week that she’s always been destined for.

With her new associate and her champagne gimmick, not to mention her grand entrance, it is clear that the WWE SmackDown creative team is heavily invested in Carmella and they see her as a star with a lot of promise and potential.

When the best performers in the women’s division are mentioned, names like Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Asuka, etc. are brought up and one tends to forget others like Carmella, who is someone that has excelled in every single role she’s been given.

Whether it was her pairing with James Ellsworth or even the short-lived run with R-Truth, Carmella has been extremely entertaining and it is great to see her finally get her due, in her current WWE SmackDown avatar. The fact that she was in the WWE SmackDown main event proves that the company is invested in her, and honestly, this is extremely well-deserved.


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