Where to get business ideas.

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FRUSTRATING HAH, having money set aside but not finding a way to spin it. where do business ideas come from is the question. and here’s the answer
Believe it or not….they come from everywhere. here are some places to look at.

#1an inefficiency in the market.
Have you ever looked for something in several shops and outlets? Guess what,, several others looked for it too and didn’t find it. That can be your business idea.make what you want to buy yourself and other people will probably want it too.

#2 new technology or opportunity.

The best idea to feed off on an already existing business is to improve, substitute or compliment it.
a) improve.
Everything is not perfect.find a loophole of a product or service and offer an impoved one and smile all the way to the bank.
b) substitute.
If the product or service is substandard, get it off the market, replace it with a new one and make money.
c) compliment
Have you ever seen how domestos goes hand in hand with sunlight liquid. Chips and sweets, books and pens etc, the world is fond of two’s. Find a service or product that is singular and compliment it with your product. They will sell together.

#3 your location.

In order to sell your product and services well, locate yourself where there are people.
The opposite is also true, if there are people. Start a business depending on the people (who are they, are they hungry, how old are they , what is their gender, what time do they pass through your location)

#4 branching out or side projects.

You are good at a number of things and you can get more out of what you do if you look deeper into other areas related to thaT. For instance a music teacher can also open a recording studio. A sales person can also do freelance event management, a mother can also teach.
Look for anything that is related to your field and try to turn it into your side hustle.

#5 disability or inability.

You can not do something……yes but you have found a way of getting things done without help. You can codify it or create a product or service that helps other people like you to get things done.

the funny thing is that business ideas come from the simple things we often overlook. What are some of the points you feel we left out. try some of these ideas. tell us how it worked or didn’t work. comment in the section below and let us hear your story!

by Florence Madzikatire.

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