Wetlands inhabitants to be resettled.

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The Government will soon begin scouting for alternative land for people settled on wetlands. Also other undesignated areas to prevent possible disasters. The weather is becoming more harsh especially in the wake of floods that affected Chitungwiza on Friday.

He spoke during a tour of houses affected by the floods yesterday. The Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo said those settled on wetlands and riverbanks should immediately approach authorities to get assistance.

“We want the population to understand this and even those who are in these areas (Chitungwiza): We want them to come forward and say I think we are settled in a wrong place. You don’t regularise a person who is sitting in a wetland, you can’t. You don’t regularise someone who is in a stream. So when we are talking about regularisation, we are saying let’s move those people who are in wetlands.”

He urged the affected residents to register with councils.

“And where they know the person who falsely gave them that land. They should also be telling us now to say. ‘I was given this land by so and so and here is what I paid to that person’, and we deal with it.

“If they were given by the council and have all the history of the money they were paying to council. They should also tell us so that we have a record of what is happening.

“If they remain silent, let them not cry foul when we now take action to remove them.”tknews.

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