Washington Football Team could become permanent name?

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A lot has been made over the past several months about what the next nickname might be for Washington’s NFL franchise, but is it possible there is not going to be one?

Washington Football Team president Jason Wright said last month that the team’s current name will likely stick through the 2021 season, as implementing a new nickname with approval and branding will take a significant amount of time. Wright spoke about that further with ESPN’s John Keim this week, and he said it is not out of the question that Washington Football Team will become the permanent franchise name.

Wright said the name Washington Football Team is “definitely in the running.”

“With this one, people are excited about the idea of a club has an identity rooted solely in the area it represents,” Wright explained. “Maybe it’s Football Team or it’s Football Club. We need to get underneath the why, so no matter what direction we go, we can pull on the heartstrings of folks.”

If Washington does decide on a new nickname, Wright says it may be known internally by next spring. The team would then have to go through the process of filing all the appropriate trademarks and designing a new logo, which Wright says cannot be “something messy and embarrassing.”

Many believe Washington owner Dan Snyder already has the next nickname in mind but has been in a trademark war for it. Whatever the case, the Washington Football Team is likely here to stay for another year and possibly longer.


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