VP. Chiwenga confirms 2021 lockdown.

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For the past week Zimbabwean citizens were uncertain and hopeless about the rise in covid 19 cases, examinations as well as the expected cyclone.

However, the vice president and  health minister, Constatino Chiwenga, has confirmed the lockdown with immediate effect.

He highlighted the measures of the 2021 lockdown which is going to be reviewed after 30 days.

current statistics are at 14 084 cases and 369 COVID-19 related deaths

Measures pertaining the lockdown are as follows.

  1. all gatherings banned except funerals with less than 30 people
  2. strict enforcement of masks hand sanitizing.
  3. all essential services supermarkets hospitals and pharmacies operating hours 8am to 3pm. non essential closed. curfew 6pm to 6am
  4. mining manufacturing open.
  5. no intercity travel for non essential workers
  6. people stay at home
  7. only exam classes to open.
  8. cross border traders stopped immediately
  9. air transport unhindered
  10. restaurants bars closed

The public is reminded to adhere to the regulations of the covid 19 pandemic.

Remember to wear a mask the right way.

sanitize and regulary wash hands.

practice social distancing.

tknews wishes you well.


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