UZ students to get e-learning data.

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The university of Zimbabwe has began a motion of providing its students with e learning data. The initiative is still in the process as the institution is trying to reach out to students.

Students are encouraged to liaise with their faculties so as to be eligible to receive the data bundles. They should provide their full names, registration number and their number of preferred network.

The institution has partnered with all the network providers so as to carter for every student’s preferred network.

However, it should be noted that this is not a kind gesture extended by the university, the students are entitled to this data provision as this is part of their specified data fees.

After several interviews with students from the university of Zimbabwe, TKnews has found out that the initiative is met with great skepticism. Students testify that a similar incident happened during the start of the lockdown in march where students were made to submit their contact details and nothing was sent to them.

Some, on the other hand are hoping that the institution this time will keep their promise. This will make them progress smoothly in their studies.

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