UZ at war with students.

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uz is at war with students following the institution’s aloofness in giving vital information. It is the second time whereby the university is accused of keeping students in limbo.

What the students are worried about is that the institution did not call off the writing of exams. These were earlier on scheduled to start on the 15th of this month. This time table was passed out last year before the students closed for Christmas holidays.

What is bothering one of the students who interviewed with tknews is that the college di not update the information after the pronunciation of the 2021 lockdown as affirmed by the Vice President Cde Chiwenga.

Another cause of the uz war with the students is the rising of covid19 cases in this second wave of the pandemic. Other unofficial source which stated that the students are going to write as scheduled before. The students responded by running social media compaigns and demonstrtions. they are currently protesting that uz should not sacrifice them.

some of the memes being circulated to humor the institution.

Moreover, the students are complaining about the college’s use of unofficial platforms to get information across. The official website was last updated on 18 December 2020. The main news was on congratulating the vice chancellor Professor Paul Mapfumo on winning the innovation project of the year award.

The students are pleading the authorities of the instituion to put an end to this confusion and bafoonery.



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