UZ accused of keeping students in limbo.

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The University of Zimbabwe is accused of not sharing vital information with the students as details about when the institution is opening remains hazy. The students are not sure whether they will be learning online or the usual face- to-face.

In an interview with Tknews, a student from the arts department who refused to be named stated that the personnel from their department refused to share information about the school fees as well as the time table, a task which they are obliged to undertake.

When students go to their respective departments to seek information, they are told to write letters to the Deputy Registrar or emails to the Students Records department which takes long and forever to be replied.

Although the institution published an article in the Sunday mail on the 13th of September, notifying the students that the official opening date was the 28th of that month, no formal lectures have been conducted up to date.

The institution later notified the students that new students are the ones who will be learning on campus while the returning students are to conduct lessons online.

What ails the students is that the online platform for learning is regarded as “warped” . It is inaccessible and when accessed, it takes time to load. However, the ‘moodle platform’ as it is called, has not been updated since the March-June semester.

Due to lack of more formal and detailed line of communication between the institution and the students, a lot of students are being fed with false information and it confuses the students as well as the institution’s well wishers.

Another cause for concern is the change of names and content of programs done by the institution. Student who failed the previous courses are to supplement them by writing exams on a short notice. This is due to the fact that the failed courses are not going to be offered again. This is due to the change implemented.

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