Total lockdown is necessary : health experts.

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Health experts have once again called upon authorities to introduce a much tougher Covid-19 lockdown, including further restricting the movement of people — to curb the spread of the killer disease in the country.

Welcoming the government’s new set of fines for coronavirus violators, the health experts said a much tougher stay-at-home order would help the country to contain the lethal global pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the president of the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina), Enock Dongo, said while the new and stiffer fines were welcome, they would not on their own, achieve the desired goals.

“With all due respect, the new fines may not be deterrent enough. As we have seen in the past, huge fines may turn up to be corruption bliss for law enforcers … and so, they may not be the solution.

“For us, a total lockdown of 21 days will be the best thing to do under the circumstances. It then means that whoever has the virus will not spread it to others.

“By the time that lockdown ends, we may then be able to realise a decline in Covid-19 cases,” Dongo told tknews.

Mpilo Hospital acting chief executive officer, Solwayo Ngwenya, also said while hefty fines were welcome, the public was likely to find ways to circumvent paying them, as they had done in the past.

“The government is really trying its best to deter offenders, and so increasing fines is a welcome measure.

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