The myths of November

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November has ended.

The month of November is associated with dark myths concerimg several aspects of the shona as well as other indeginous cultures. The myths dates long back and most familes grew up in the shadows of the threaths of November myths.

Most of these myths cannot be fully explained in foreign languages and if it is done, it does not make sense to those who are not spiritual.

Even those who are Spiritual like church denominations, they fail to give an explanation of it. Some churches defile the myths others intergrate it in their doctrines in order to accommodate those who believe in it. They have embraced these myths although they have no biblical references to substantiate it.

 Due to the fact that there is the involvement of the spiritual realm with the month of November, a lot of other false superstitions are being brewed in order to terrify the public into submission. In an interview with tknews, an elderly source who refused to be named affirmed that there are a lot of myths surrounding the moth of November. The surprising thing said by this source is that no one really understand all of these myths and how they can be rectified.

One of the myths is the excessive spilling of blood during the month of November. This spilling of blood occurs in form of accidents as well as suicides. Although accidents may be due to the rainy and festive season, the suicide cases are yet to be given an explanation. In Zimbabwe, November had several fatal accidents including that of Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure. Suicide and homicide cases where also recorded including the Chivhu woman who beheaded here four children and set the house afire.

The public is still in shock and the only explanation wich is not enough it that it is associated with the November myths.

An explanation for this which is better was given by a pentecostal church pastor who confided with tknews that “satanists need more blood during this time for their sacrifices” he concluded that christians need to pray more during this time so as to won the spiritual battle.

Another myyth associated with November is that concerning lobola and weddings. It is a known thing that traditionally a person is not supposed to wed or get married during this time. Even the act known in shona culture as ‘ kutizira’ whereby a girl goes to live with her boyfriend without the consent of their families or paying of brideprice is prohibited. This is said to emanate from the idea that the ancestors will be resting in the month of November so any matrimony made during this time is not accorded with a  blessing.

Being that as it may, the month of November ends today and tknews family would like to wish you a happy festive season. Please drive safely, sanitise, wear a mask practice social distancing and adverise with us. Your business will surely grow.

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2 thoughts on “The myths of November

  1. the myths transcends the month of November,,,,, the also include festive season. i read about a 16yr old who murdered 3 elderly people in cold blood. i wonder what has befallen this country.

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