Tell-tale signs that shows you are not doing your ‘dream job’

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These are tell-tale signs. They indicate that you are not doing your dream job.

Career development is of paramount importance when choosing one’s career path. It is vital just like a marriage and as well needs time and careful considerations .

If one has skipped that stage, it will be difficult to succeed in what you are doing, here are a few tell-tale signs that you need to change your career path. Read on


what you feel in the morning, or whenever you think about getting to or back at work.

You literally hate your job. This is a sign that you are not where you are supposed to be in terms of career. You might consider reshaping your career.

Hating what you do.

Do you love what you do??

-they say you don’t have to like what you do to love what you do. If you don’t love what you it’s a sign that may suggest that you might be in the wrong career.

 Lack of satisfaction.

– does your job bring you satisfaction?

-does it give you that inner satisfaction ? note that here we are talking about the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are doing something useful like making other people’s lives better or serving the community.

-if you do not feel that satisfaction, then you might consider reshaping your career.

Poor performance

Research has proved time and again that humans often perform poorly on the things we hate.

Are you continuously making mistakes and having to redo or correct silly mistakes?

This shows that your mind is not into what you are doing at the present moment. Consider a change of career.


That feeling of being small. Do you feel it at work?

Do you feel that you are being victimized, limited or made insignificant?

This may be a sign that you chose the wrong career.


Are you always on the lookout on other jobs or other career paths?

Are you always ready to jump off and persue another career?, well, you might as well do that because your current career might not be your right fit.

Lack of enthusiasm.

That spark.

Are you missing that spark of enthusiasm that comes with doing your job?

The reason may be that you are in the wrong environment or you just need to rekindle your interests in the job.

Think of reasons why you are doing what you do. If that does not give you that enthusiasm, then consider a change of career.

Lack of vision.

Do you have a vision of yourself in that same career path in the next five years or a decade?

Do you procrastinate and or hesitate in developing yourself in your current career path, if  not, maybe those cold feet are a sign that the career path you are in at the moment might not be the right fit for you. Consider reshaping your career or get on a new one.

It should be noted that career development is a process and thus it can be a lifelong process.

 Take into consideration of yourself, what makes you tick and choose your career path accordingly.

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