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Stunner Reveals HIV Status Following Tytan's Expose On Olinda Chapel

Zimbabwean hiphop artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme) took it to social media to expose his ex wife Olinda Chapel for who she really easy. Olinda and Stunner in 2017 separated following a scandalous divorce when the musician had an extra marital affair with then girlfriend, Dyonne now his current wife. Olinda bashed stunner online saying he couldn’t provide anything and everything they had she bought for the couple.

Stunner released a video telling Olinda to humble herself because she brags with Bounce Back loans and buys fancy cars with that money. “Don’t brag with BBL(Bounce Back Loans), if you’re in England don’t be fooled with silly things. Maybe when you’re in Zimbabwe and you don’t know people are getting loans you could fall for the fake life,” Stunner said.

“If you’re driving a car in Zimbabwe you’re a hero because you bought not people who got bounce back loans and brag they bought a car. Let her show us cash receipt for the Range and I’ll post the cash receipt for my car.”

“You hear people saying she’s our role model, how can you have a role model who is sick and sleeps with men and not tell them that she is sick, is that a role model. If that’s what you are encouraging people to do please tell me. There’s nothing like that!”

“If you want words for words we can now say them, we have left the phase were people would tell me to respect her and not speak but it’s over so now we shall speak, we shall go toe to toe, blow for blow,” he said also exposing how she doesn’t pay for products, “At Jan Jam you bought shoes on credit and they want their money, you haven’t paid, pay your debts, you don’t pay. If we search for all your creditor the list is endless. The shoes you bought at Jan Jam and started showing off you didn’t pay for them. The money is wanted. They always ask for that money.”

He also wanted to make it clear that she did nothing extraordinary for him during their marriage, “Don’t fool people that you did something extraordinary for me. Come back with your receipts, now we want to start talking about it, come back with your receipts and let people see what you were buying. If you were buying s@x you got it why are complaining? Go to Home Office and register your fifth marriage.”

He also asked people who were doubting him to ask Cynthia of Jan Jam if she got paid. Stunner also talks of enjoying his new success outside the music industry and has no debt in his life. He is just enjoying making music.

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