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Do you think she wanted this when her age was tender?
Selling herself and auctioning her body to the highest bidder
Bedding countless men whose names she cannot even remember
No, she wanted to be successful and believed nothing to hinder

Do you think she always wanted it with her legs asunder?
Letting any man her body to plunder
Toiling all night without rest or slumber
No, she wanted peace from January to December

Do you think she knew it was wrong or needed a reminder?
That her healthy days were numbered like a calendar
Or that her happy moments slipped through like the month of December
No, she aimed to get you in college by May or late September

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9 thoughts on “SHE DID IT FOR YOU!

  1. Yeasty,,,feministic,,,, the poem records how we women go through a lot of things just to get our children to advance in life. These are our sins recorded in the A’s to the Z’s of our lives. Please dnt judge us.

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