Seven steps to a new habit.

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Need a complete turnaround in your life?. Here’s seven steps to create a new habit. Creating a new habit is simple but not easy. Follow these simple seven steps to change your life  forever. Note that this works in every aspect of your life. It also works both in replacing a bad habit or creating a new one.

Do you want to start a routine in exercise? Work?  Health?  Business? Or whatever you may think of. Follow these seven steps to a new habit.

Make a decision.

It starts in the mind. Make a decision that you want this thing that you want to do. Simple ha? Your mind and your body should be in sync of what you want to do. It becomes easy to drag your body to obey your commands.

Never allow an exception.

Some people say if it’s worth doing once , it’s worth doing every day. Do not allow an exception. Make sure the habit is going to be done every day. Do not break the cycle until it becomes natural.

Tell others.

Get it out to the universe. Tell the people about what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. It serves you right. It holds you accountable for the new habit.

Visualize yourself.

See yourself already having those packs. Already in that desired body. Earning that amount of money. Visualize it. Feel it and it becomes worthwhile to work for it.

Create an affirmation.

Affirm it every day. Say it to yourself as if it has already happened. Affirm it. Affirm it until your mind sinks it in.

Resolve to persist.

Tell yourself that you are not going to quit. Make quitting impossible. Work hard to maintain that routine until you see results.

Give yourself a reward.

Work for something. Consider the benefits of that habit. It gives you something to work towards. After getting it, Reward yourself for the hard work.

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