Secrets of advertising you can apply now!

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We hate to break it to you, but just because you advertise doesn’t mean you’re automatically guaranteed a successful campaign. You can, however, take a few simple secrets to ensure your advertising is as successful as possible.

#1Your product or service should market itself.

This pushes you to produce a thing that is of quality. The people who you are selling it do don’t think twice before they pay for it. Your product should appeal to your customer’s needs

But, Remember a business grown around your passion makes you to love doing it. You will produce a product that is far more pleasant than the other guy who is doing it for the money only. If you do that, the results will quickly follow. More customers come to you and buy it. Did you advertise?……no.

#2 Advertise through word of mouth

Have you noticed how we buy things recommended to us by the people close to us. Wen we want to buy something, we often ask our friends and family. They tell us about they guy they know who does it well. That guy could be you. ONLY if you launch your product or service well, the world will market for you. All you have to do is perform best to your first customers. They will come back for more and will spread the word.

#3 as closely linked to the point above, people everyday are bombarded by TV commercials, radio ads, flyers, brochures and pamphlets which everyone is shouting to them,,,”buy our products” .People are now aware that some of these adverts are just done to please the ear or the eye while in actual fact, the product or service offered is substandard. As a result the customer now trust the people close to them who have already purchased the product. and if somehow you manage to get them as your customer, you have their family too.

#4 lastly this is the most important point although it came last. the reason the although does not like the idea of paying for advertising is that we do not have the money to do it…….well as of now. Remember this book is about starting a business around your passion with $100 or less even know money at all.

So we can’t afford to pay for adverts….but we can harness the people and the things at our disposal so that we get the word out there that we are selling this or that service or commodity. Let’s have one example,, WhatsApp,,, what does your profile say, your status can they work for you in getting the word out that you sell this or that. Let’s be honest this can be done. You are already on WhatsApp for other reasons, communication being one of the reasons. now make this platform to communicate to other people telling them about your business. It will get you a few more customers….try it, it will work.

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