Roger Goodell is confident NFL can complete its season

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ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 30: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a press conference during Super Bowl LIII Week at the NFL Media Center inside the Georgia World Congress Center on January 30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

As a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens originally scheduled for Thanksgiving prepares to kickoff nearly a week later on Wednesday afternoon due to a coronavirus outbreak, it’s fair to wonder if the NFL can continue on for its final weeks and postseason.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, however, believes the league can do just that. In speaking with media and executives on Wednesday, Goodell noted that the NFL can “safely and responsibly complete the season,” according to ProFootballTalk.

“It’s a remarkable achievement to reach this point and we are proud of our players and all personnel for their tireless work and commitment,” Goodell said. “Like our teams, we are focused on finishing strong.”

Goodell did note that health and safety are still the main priorities for the league and its players.

Playing amid the coronavirus pandemic without a bubble was always going to impose risks for the NFL and after a few initial weeks of postponed games, the league was able to sustain multiple weeks of consistent play with no interruptions.

Yet, as coronavirus cases surge across the country, the league has felt the impact as well. The outbreak in Baltimore not only postponed a game by nearly a week, but it forced Week 13 games to be shifted to Monday night as well. Additionally, the Denver Broncos played in Week 12 without an active quarterback due to all four of their passers being exposed to COVID-19.

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