Reopen churches:Chamisa

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Opposition MDC Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa said Zimbabwe needs divine intervention as the country battles the deadly Corona virus pandemic before pleading with the government to reopen churches for preachers to pray for the troubled nation.

Churches were part of non essential service sectors that were ordered to close by the government early this month as new cases and deaths of covid 19 continued to rise across the country.

However, speaking on a live programme on his facebook page on Monday, Chamisa said church leaders should be allowed to continue with their work and pray for Zimbabwe.

“We must allow churches to open for a controlled number of people provided there is social distancing, masking and other covid 19 protocols, to our bishops, pastors, the church body, intercessors and believers, we encourage you to continue to stand in the gap to pray for our nation”, he said.

“We must stand in prayer with those who have been affected by the pandemic, may the holy spirit comfort all the families who lost their loved ones”, he said.

“The unavailability of social safety nets for the vulnerable, considering our heavily informal economy, means that people will be forced to breach lockdown regulations in search of food, water and money to cater for their families”,said Chamisa

“This again reduces the effectiveness of the lockdown, we must be careful not to flatten the economy in our bid of flattening the curve, hence we face the risk of a lockdown induced poverty”,he said

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