Premier League ‘discussed making a £3m donation to the NHS

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Premier League ‘discussed making a £3m donation to the NHS during talks over whether or not to push for players to get Covid-19 vaccines’ with clubs now conceding they will have to wait for jabs
Some Premier League clubs reportedly thought the league could buy vaccines
The money then currently spent on Covid-19 testing could be given to the NHS
Others are said to have believed prioritising footballers would not go down well
Sean Dyche and Jose Mourinho were among the managers to have had their say

The Premier League considered a £3million donation to the NHS following talks last month regarding the vaccination of players against Covid-19, according to reports.

The Athletic claim that some top-flight clubs believed the league could have bought a number of coronavirus vaccines and then donated the money currently spent on testing to the NHS.

The same outlet reports that the money could have gone to several health charities or in the form of a one-off payment to NHS workers, and counter any negative publicity that came their way.

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