Pray not to be the lover

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The beloved sits quietly,


Waiting to be engaged,

Engaged in conversation,

Conversation she will terminate

Terminate ,when she wants,

Wants something she becomes kind,

Kind until given

Given then again waits,

But the lover is graceful,

Full of patience,

Understands it all,

Gives like God,

Pursues like Satan,

Protects like a mother,

He’s Foolish but not dumb,

Generous but not rich,

Love is what ails him,

For he is blind,

Blindness shall be the end of him.

by florence madzikatire

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2 thoughts on “Pray not to be the lover

  1. True to some extent.. but this kind of ‘love’ sure is a recipe for disaster.. I personally feel that love should be mutual, reciprocal…

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