Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s spin cannot mask Manchester United’s flaws

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s spin cannot mask Manchester United’s flaws… the Norwegian talks a good game but which Red Devils side will show up for the Manchester derby?
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer describes comeback victories as fulfilling a club tradition
But the wins against West Ham and Southampton betray chaos at Old Trafford
Solskjaer’s Manchester United face bitter rivals Manchester City on Saturday
The feisty city derby could prove a key moment in Solskjaer and United’s season

If the weight of pressure is felt by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he doesn’t often show it. In the manager’s chair, the Norwegian looks as inscrutable and emotionless as he once did in the penalty box.

The difference is we always knew what he was as a footballer. ‘I went home and told my mates I had just trained with the next Alan Shearer,’ Ryan Giggs once said of his first session with Solskjaer.

As a manager, it is harder to tell and as he approaches the sixth Manchester derby of his two years in charge at Manchester United, this is the danger that continues to stalk Solskjaer.

The 47-year-old believes his team are getting better. They are only two points outside the top four of the Premier League, a point ahead of City and on a run of four consecutive domestic victories.

That is sufficient to support him until further notice, enough without a doubt to facilitate any nerves among American proprietors for whom Champions League football is the only thing that is in any way important.

In any case, United fans are harsher adjudicators. They can see the blemishes in the undertaking, the openings in the group.

Solskjaer discusses ongoing rebound triumphs at West Ham and Southampton like he is sticking to some holy brave United convention. The fact of the matter is altogether different and really focuses to an unclear bedlam.

All football supervisors look for request and dependability. They need groups who will play to a specific example or plan. What Solskjaer gets extremely frequently is exhibitions see-sawing fiercely starting with one fragment of a game then onto the next. In the drawn out that can’t go on.

Joined are a not an awful side but rather nor do they look like title competitors, regardless of what Solskjaer says.

‘I feel we’re improving and looking more like a Manchester United I need with quick aggressors, dynamic,’ said Solskjaer only three days after his group lost in Leipzig to leave the Champions League.

‘We have great players and individual quality who can make sorcery. That is constantly been the path at Manchester United.

‘We have won our last four in the alliance which is a decent run. This season has been a stage up from last season’s Europa League. Those six games in the Champions League have been extraordinary from that regard.

‘We were exceptionally near experiencing from a generally excellent gathering and that is a group pushing ahead from attracting the Carabao Cup in late seasons against Rochdale and scarcely beating Colchester.’

Solskjaer’s turn is typically sure. One more perspective on occasions is that United got to the highest point of their Champions League bunch by winning their initial two games and afterward self-destructed.

Annihilations in Istanbul, at home to PSG and afterward in Leipzig conveyed all the signs of a group who basically can’t be depended upon.

Solskjaer keeps on battling with acquired issues. Joined’s arrangement of seasons without an important title tilt remained at right around five when he took the occupation all day. That fabricates pressure.

Similarly, there is still too little example to his group’s play and to his own obvious reasoning. What is his best group? Does he know?

Joined can be decimating on the counter-assault. They cleared West Ham and Southampton away once they got moving. Similarly — and this is especially obvious when Bruno Fernandes doesn’t play — they can be aloof, slow and powerless.

On Saturday night against City either introduction of United could turn up and there is a feeling that Pep Guardiola knows so a lot.

The City supervisor was not endeavoring to be disparaging when offering Solskjaer a gesture of congratulations on Friday. Or maybe, he was simply highlighting what we as a whole know.

‘We know the quality they have and we have to go there thinking we are going to face the best version of them,’ he stated.

It is true City have struggled with United recently. Solskjaer’s team have found a way of troubling City’s defence with directness and speed and won three of four games against them last season, including both in the league.

With that in mind, Solskjaer will be encouraged by the fact that Anthony Martial is fit enough to start. United always look better when it is Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood who are bombing forward just in front of Fernandes.

City are having a tricky time of it themselves this season but the difference between the teams and managers is we would expect Guardiola to find a way to the heart of the puzzle before long.

Solskjaer, on the other hand, sometimes looks a little baffled by the whole thing.

Asked on Friday about his suitability for the job, his answer carried conviction. ‘I had to think about that when I accepted the role,’ said Solskjaer.

‘Do I have what it takes to be in such a situation? Can I handle setbacks? Can I handle success? And I think I can.’

If his players mirror that certainty at an empty Old Trafford on Saturday evening, United have a chance. Equally, their season still looks like one that could swing violently one way or the other.

‘There are some games that you lose that will stick and hurt more than others and have more consequences than others,’ said Solskjaer on Friday.

It was a comment more pertinent than perhaps he realised.


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