New York Giants Ten Takes from Week 12 Win Over Cincinnati Bengals

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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen me mention that the Netflix series, The Crown is one of my favorite shows right now.

The acting…the writing…the photography… heck, every element of the show is splendid, even if some of the events and conversations are fictionalized for dramatic effect.

I find that when one season ends—and I binge-watched Season 4 during the bye—I find myself counting down the months until the new season is released.

I kind of see the 2020 Giants team the same way. This is a new and, from the looks of everything, an exciting first season under Joe Judge, but you just know the best is still to come.

I don’t necessarily think the Giants will end up winning the Super Bowl this year, and I’m still not sure if they’re even going to win the NFC East, to be honest.

But I’m hooked on this new production. Regardless of what happens this year, when it’s all over, I’ll be counting down the months until the new season is upon us.

Here are some other takes from the Giants 19-17 win over the Bengals…

1. I simply love how every week, you never know who’s going to emerge as the hero in a game. I wrote about kicker Graham Gano and backup quarterback Colt McCoy as two who overcame some adversity in their respective careers.

I also have to mention Niko Lalos, who had an interception in this game and whose block of the tight end enabled Logan Ryan to force a fumble, which he recovered. Lalos was one of those unsung heroes that, if I had told you at the start of the game, would produce those plays, you’d have probably looked at me cross-eyed.

Same with Jabaal Sheard, the veteran defensive end who sacked Bengals quarterback Brandon Allen t force a fumble that Leonard Williams recovered, ending the game.

And I can’t forget Cam Brown, who made a key tackle on Riley Dixon’s final punt of the game, stopping Alex Erickson from potentially finding daylight. Brown’s tackle limited Erickson to just a 29-yard return, and the previously mentioned play by Sheard and Williams ended it, but that tackle by Brown was a big one at the time.

2. I still can’t get over this statistic from the first half: the Giants had 223 yards of total offense and 10 points. The Bengals had 66 total yards and 10 points. I mean, how the heck does that happen? How does that even make sense? And I’ll tell you what. The Giants are lucky that they didn’t lose the game because of that.

3. Receiver Darius Slayton was targeted twice in this game but came up empty on both attempts. He had a similar game last year against Washington on December 22, 2018, when he was also targeted twice but caught none. Of course, in that game, I seem to remember seeing Slayton more than I did this week.

Joe Judge hinted that Slayton was banged up. “Throughout the game he had some bumps and bruises that we had to get him in and out of the play and roll with our receivers as a whole.”

4. I don’t necessarily fault the Giants for trying to draw the Bengals offside at the end of the first half, but this is a tactic that they seem to try every week and often several times a week to where it doesn’t work like it first did. So I don’t know, maybe time to change things up a bit?

5. Fumble aside, how nice was it to finally see tight end Evan Engram, who finished with six receptions out of nine pass targets and 129 yards, sent on some deep routes this week?

Of his six receptions, Engram had two of 40 yards or more (44 and 53 yards). Average everything out, and it comes to 21.5 yards per reception by Engram for this game, his best production by far this season.

6. Have I mentioned lately how much I love how the Wayne Train—running back Wayne Gallman—runs?

Okay, I mention it a lot. I know. But if you want to know why I love his running style so much, look no further than his yards after contact. I don’t have an official total on how many of his 94 rushing yards came after contact this week, but before this game, 63.2% of his rushing yards came after initial contact with a defender.

7. I’ll admit that I still don’t understand the logic behind the Giants trading for Leonard Williams when they could have saved themselves the draft picks, signed him to a free-agent deal, and not have had to worry about potentially losing him after this season. But I’m sure am glad he’s a part of this defense.

8. Before we go worrying about how long Daniel Jones might be out with his hamstring strain, let’s try to make some lemonade out of the lemons.

If his injury were that bad, would the trainers have allowed him back in the game to try and play on it? And even if he made it worse, can we take it as a positive sign that he stood on the sideline rather than sit around after he had to come out of the game the second time?

9. Tip of the hat to Giants Country Member “KuntryOfGiants” who asked, “Will our New York quarterback be the “real McCoy” or just a facsimile the rest of the way?”

10. As soon as he is activated off the Reserve/COVID-19 list, Matt Peart needs to start at right tackle the rest of the way. Period.

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