MSU hostel burns down

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A hostel at Msu (Midlands State University) 1caught fire at the late hours of the afternoon. It is believed that a student in one of the rooms in the hostel left an iron on close to the bed which burnt the mattress setting the whole room blazing.

Some students noticed the fire and had to break down the door as no one was present in the room to try and stop the fire before spreading to other rooms. Also windows were cracked to remove things from the room.

Luckily no one got hurt during this and students had to vacate their rooms in fear of their belongings burning too. There was panick as there was one exit point due to all other exits being nailed to permanently close.

The first responders were students from other hostels and the fire department arrived after the fire was already out.

Many students seemed worried as there were speculations that the main WiFi router was from the hostel that caught fire. This comes at a time students are writing their semester final exams.

The room were the fire started

More to follow on the issue.

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