More rains to come : weather forecast.

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The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) has predicted heavy and destructive rains for a seven-day period across the country until Wednesday.

The rains started on Thursday spreading across most parts of the country yesterday.

Since the start of the rainy season in October, it has caused destruction. The destruction being of property in Bulawayo, Midlands, Matabeleland and other parts of the country. as well as lives.

Six people travelling in an Isuzu double cab were swept away at flooded Gweru River Bridge on Sunday. Two bodies were recovered on Monday and four are still missing as the search mission has been called off.

Authorities have urged members of the public to be on high alert as the heavy rains could result in huts and houses collapsing.

In a statement, MSD said the heavy rains could result in flooding.

“Continuous rains are expected countrywide from Thursday 14 through to Wednesday 20 January 2021. The current rainfalls associated with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, (ITCZ) should persist throughout the week, with localised heavier downpours in excess of 30mm in some places. NB: Soils are saturated thus any excess rains may lead to localised flash flooding and downstream flooding,” reads an MSD statement.

“Members of the public should watch out for collapse of huts/houses and fallen trees/tree branches due to excessive moisture. tknews.

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