Mind your own business- lessons from rich dad.

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Do you know that there is a difference between your profession and your business? Many people confuse that.

You are so into your profession and most of the time you identify with that profession yet that’s not you.

And if we want to be honest most of our professions are about minding someone else’s business not ours.

Keep your daytime job but start something on the side. Your business. And start buying income generating assets.
The advantage is that when you mind your own business, you put in all your energy and enthusiasm in it. It will rarely fail because of the control the owner has on it.

So what can become your business???

Robert kiyosaki suggest these businesses
1 you get involved in a business that do not require your presence. You own it, but it is not run by you. You are the boss and you delegate when you feel like it.

  • Stocks.bonds.
    .mutual funds
  • income generating real estate etc
  • What is the most important thing is that do not buy luxuries with the money of your sweat and blood. Your business must buy assets and your assets must buy luxuries.
    That is the other difference between the rich and the poor. Poor people want to reward themselves too soon, while the rich people take their time.
    After you have taken the time and invested in and built your own business ,you are now ready to add the magic touch…. the biggest secret of the rich. visit this site for all you need to know about business. tknews.

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