Meeting with Minister of Health at Kaguvi Building

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Key issues presented

  1. Exemption letters delays and affecting opening of businesses
  2. ZRP closing shops including those selling essential goods including butcheries.
  3. Rentals status for business during lockdown
  4. Congestion in fewer shops operational due limited operating hours .Customers still traveling more than 5km to get to the nearest shop
  5. Inconsistencies on policy pronouncements and enforcement on the ground eg , enforcement agencies have banned selling of alcohol even from supermarkets yet only bars ,bottles stores ,restaurants, pubs etc were the ones banned .
  6. Will there be a Covid-19 bail out to business as the previous announced 18billion was not accessed by many
  7. Capacitation of Min of Industry
  8. State of hardwares – whether exempted or not


  1. Operating hours to remain as is
  2. Retailers and Wholesalers to help with
    a. Enforcing mandatory masks wearing – staff and customers
    b. To ban self service on fruits to avoid customers from physically touching with bare hands
    c. Sector to comply with all other Covid-19 regulations
  3. Min of Health to liase with Industry counterparts. To write support letters to Industry and Commerce where required.
  4. Min of Industry and Commerce to issue global exemption letters to Associations who then issue to their members instead .
  5. Shops and businesses to help with continuous instore announcements through PA system or other form of communication on Covid-19 regulations and need to comply
  6. Min of Health to continuously meet with enforcement agencies and remove Inconsistencies.
  7. Association tasked to submit concerns in writing with both the Minister of Health and Child Care and the Minister of Industry and Commerce asap.

The meeting went on very well and after that I engaged with Ministry of Industry and Commerce and they are preparing the Association letters asap and ready for rolling out.
Min of Industry also indicated they had extensive discussions with Commisioner Tavengwa and a communication has been send out to allow exempted businesses to operate smoothly including butcheries .

Thank you

Denford Mutashu
CZR President

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