Masvingo City Council suspends town engineer

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Masvingo Suspends engineers

Masvingo acting town clerk Edward Mukaratirwa has served City of Masvingo engineer Tawanda Gozo with a letter of suspension for six months without pay.

Gozo is accused of gross incompetence and failure to properly conduct his duties.
He is also being fingered as the cause of erratic water supplies facing the city.
City of Masvingo at one time pumped dirty water into homes a situation which was blamed on Gozo’s failure to monitor happenings at the water works.

He did not also follow up with zesa following a breakdown of one of the transformers which supplies power at Bushmead water works.

His suspension followed a full council resolution which was approved by mayor Advocate Collen Maboke.
Meanwhile it is said that council will launch a probe into Gozo’s fitness to hold office, sources said.

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