Lakers Star LeBron James Fed up With Brooklyn Nets Before Halftime

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It was a game that many labeled as a potential NBA Finals preview. The Los Angeles Lakers, who are second in the Western Conference, against the Brooklyn Nets, who are second in the East, made for appointment viewing on Thursday night.

The rivalry already seems alive and well between the two star-powered teams. Even before the halftime buzzer sounded at Staples Center, there was plenty of chirping and trashing talking back and forth — including from the brightest star on the court.

LeBron James Irritated by Nets
At the end of the second quarter, Lakers star LeBron James committed a shooting foul on Brooklyn’s James Harden with one second left on the clock. Harden hit both free throws to send the Nets into the locker room with a 64-53 lead, but it was what was said during Harden’s free throws that caused viewers to perk their ears up.

The TNT broadcast caught LeBron shouting “you always got something to say” in the direction of the Nets bench.

But who was he directing that remark to? Viewers were conflicted on Twitter.

Some thought Harden, who went to the line five times in the first half Thursday. Others speculated on Twitter that it may have been DeAndre Jordan, the Nets center who came off the bench against the Lakers.

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