Key points from the leaked conversation between Tagwirei and Mliswa

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Key points from the exposed call between Kuda Tagwirei and Temba Mliswa:

Kuda is ED’s nephew

Temba is Kuda’s uncle

Temba and Kuda advices ED on their personal capacities

Fortune Chasi was fired for disobeying Tagwirei

Tagwirei and Temba are pissed off by the appointment of Soda who they say have no Zanu Pf ideology

Chinamasa wanted the position too as he defended ED much

Chinamasa, Temba and Tagwirei didn’t want ED to appoint Kirsty because she doesn’t have party traits

Tagwirei supports Chivhayo

Chivhayo has full protection from Tagwirei hence ED

Chasi had no power to deal with Chivhayo

Tagwirei can help anyone to get a government tender

Tagwirei bought top of the range vehicles for police bosses

Tagwirei say ED is not an enforcer

Tagwirei and Temba agree that ED have failed to control the country like Mugabe.

The two are disappointed by the presence of Thabani Mpofu(not Advocate Thabani Mpofu) on the anti-corruption body.

The say they want Zanu Pf people on the anti corruption portfolio who follow party principles.

Temba gives himself credit for defending Zanu Pf on social media.

Temba says Prof JN Moyo will never attack him.

Kasukuwere had a conversation with Temba on the appointment of Soda who doesn’t have Zanu Pf ideology.

Tagwirei said he is working for ED’s 2023 tenure

Temba defends zanupf and told the president he has nothing to show for it

Kuda has a false sense of grandeur, he thinks he is more Zimbabwean than any other zimbabwean

Kuda has captured the state with the help of some Kurds.

Anti corruption unit is going after Chamisa

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