Kae Chaps’ JUZI gone viral.

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Kae Chaps seems to have opened an outlet of Zimbabwean talent as his song Juzi has gone viral. It has taken social media by storm. Platforms like youtube , whatsaap and twitter has adopted the #juzi in the day to day messages. The official video by Kae Chaps, whose real name is Kudakwashe Chapepa was premired a week ago and has more than 270K views. It was published under lockdown sessions and has become one of the trending youtube videos. The song cam be argued to be Kae Chaps’ most popular piece.

The song came out in this month of love and soon captured the hearts of many. It evokes sentimental feelings, pain and remorse in each individual who has experienced a similar scenario.

It speaks of a heartbroken lover who pleads with an ex-lover to come and get their belongings because they are a remembrance of the sad past.

Meanwhile, Some artists have taken it upon themselves to reply or do another cover version of the song. Among the first ones to reply is Vuyo Brown a contemporary gospel singer. Other versions of the song came from Telah Walan., Trinny Roxxy among others. tknews.

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