Jah Master our very own Shawn Michaels

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Jah Master has become popular over the recent months dropping hits after hits. The only problem is he needs to understand that every move he makes the spotlight is on him. The same waves he made when he got married recently is about to happen to him only this time it’s not in a good way.

A video surfaced social media showing Jah Master kicking a fan off stage the same way Shawn Michaels used to do in WWE. It is hard to tell if the victim of the kick didn’t sustain any injuries as the video was short and didn’t show how the victim landed.

Talking to many people who saw the video, they expressed how disappointed they are in Jah Master as they were becoming his serious fans. Some even gave him the nickname “Heart Break Kid (HBK)” after Shawn Michaels because of the kick.

“He should have alerted the security not do that disgraceful thing,” some people said commenting on the video.

Now question is, are there going to be any consequences for his actions? Is he going to get the same air play or is he going to get more popular? Is there going to be any lawsuit? Is he going to stripped off his endoursement deals if he had any? We just have to watch the space in the coming days and see how the issue is going to handled if any is.

Link to the video here

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