Is alcohol good for children,? a traditional perspective.

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It was and still is a controversial issue regarding the consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 18. Most of the breweries as well as the distributors of alcohol make it a point to note that the product is not sold to the minors.

But the question is are the minors not consuming this beverage behind the authority’s back?. This subject was researched by one of our tknews anchors and returned with various opinions which will lead to further discussions with selected moralists as well as tradition puritanists.

To begin with, it was noted with great concern that a number of these minors both in rural as well as in urban set ups are exposed to alcohol in its varied forms.

It was discovered that minors in rural areas are being sent to homesteads and shops to collect and or buy alcohol on behalf of their elder guardians. The shopkeepers however do not question these minors but rather assume that they are sent by senior citizens. Although this may be the case, there is a probability that these minors may buy or collect alcohol for themselves.

Upon questioning the morality of minors consuming alcohol, tknews found out that a lot of villagers in Inyati area are in favor of the act. In an interview, VaMagose, an elderly man of Chigwa district affirmed the act and also told tknews that in his early days,  as children they were given alcohol called ‘bumhe’ ( dispite their gender) to get rid of what is known as ‘buka’ in the shone culture. ‘buka’ can be explained in English as a mixture of anxiety and cowardice.

chibuku, the traditional beer in Zimbabwe.

However, another woman who could not be identified by tknews argued that it was not alcohol per se, rather it was a maheu-like (traditional drink made of indigenous grain) kind of drink which was given to the children.

Other moral upholders argued that the act was not good for the children and should be stopped.

But after further research in the urban centers such as Mbare and Mabvuku, it was discovered that alcohol is consumed by minors with or without the authority’s consent. In addition, the alcoholic drinks are coming in different forms such as medicine for example Broncleer (‘bronco’) and beverages packed like freezits.

Lets continue the discussion in the comment section. Let tknews hear your views.!!!

  Being that as it may, alcohol is not good to minors as well as adults for health reasons if consumed to excess and tknews would like you to exercise caution when travelling during this festive season.


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