Insights of Getting hired for seasonal jobs.

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Lets first of all define seasonal jobs or seasonal employment. From the word season, it is the types of jobs that are not all year around.

They are short-lived and seasonal. They arise because of a high need or demand in the market place. There are two types of these seasonal jobs these are semiskilled and skilled seasonal jobs.

Hovever, here are some Examples of seasonal jobs in south Africa

  • Gift wrapping
  • Merchandising
  • Social media marketing
  • Construction handy jobs
  • Till operating
  • Tour guiding
  • Home sitting, baby sitting and dog sitting
  • Security
  • Harvesting farm produce
  • Environmental management
  • Ushering
  • Photography
  • tutoring

Here are some tips to get you hired for these seasonal jobs. Read on….

  1. Know the season.

The first step is to know the season of the job. Is it summer? Winter? School holidays? New year festivals? Weekends?

Be aware of the time your preferred seasonal job is on offer.

2. Get ready to start at a short notice.

In addition, one thing for sure on seasonal jobs is that they are demanding and a lot of people want them because they require little or no skill.

Companies however take workers at a first come first basis so your availability at the right time will work for you.

      3. make sure you are the right candidate for the job

          In as much as these jobs require little or no skill, make sure you are the right person for the job.

           – ask yourself these questions, are you the right gender, the right age, the right physique and do you have the minimal requirements such as a drivers license, ability to read and write , health insurance etc

  • make sure you know how long it will take.

– save yourself from being stuck at the seasonal job and inconveniencing your other plans.

-be informed on the length of the engagement and decide accordingly.

4. firstly apply for the jobs near you.

– the best way to get shortlisted for the seasonal job to apply for a job near you.

Immediately, consider the distance, it will save you on transport costs and travelling fatigue.

5.stay updated

Meanwhile, be aware or informed in as far as these seasonal jobs are concerned. Keep an eye on the company’s website, brochure or the local newspapers.

– be one of the first few people to show up or apply. well.

Finally, show commitment.

Commitment gets you hired next time without much of a hustle.

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