Insider secrets for building a business around your passion.

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You want to start a business around your passion? Here are few issues you need to consider before we dive into the real steps.

#1Dig deeper to uncover hidden needs.
There is this word called CONVERGENCE and this is what it basically means. For you to make money, your passion or hobby should meet the needs of other people. It looks like a Venn diagram, if you remember that from high school. There are two circles meeting right? The center created by two meeting circles is where your business a research, find out the gap and fill in.

#2make your customer a hero.
Get them to like you a bit. value their feedback and concerns. Market in such a way that they feel that you are more concerned about their needs than the money they are paying for your product or service.

#3 sell what people buy….funny as it sounds…please sell what people buy. Add value…improve it…make it worth buying…make it look or feel worthwhile.
Let us move to the steps to getting started.

1.Decide on a product or service.
Out of your many hobbies, pick one. Pick the one that meets the needs of other people. Pick the one that people are willing to pay for. Once you have picked it. Specialize on that single thing. Make it your mission to know more about it more than anyone else. Make it upon yourself to improve it until it becomes a business not just what you love to do.

2. Set up a platform where you market it.
Maybe a website, Facebook page, WhatsApp ,TV radio,etc any from of platform wer you promote your product or service.

3 Ensure you have a way to get paid.
Do you have a bank account?, ecocash, one money, PayPal, zipit, you name it. Make sure you can get the money from every angle. Make it possible to the customer to pay you for the product or the service.

4.Develop an offer.
Tell the world what you can do and how you are the right person to provide a solution to their problems. Hire a good copywriter. advertise with the best and see your income soar and grow.

5 Execute.
Demonstrate that you know what you are doing. Get customers to come back to you, refer their friends to you, let the product or service testify on its own that you are the rightfully person to do the job.

6 Fail , learn from these steps and repeat the process again. This time you will yield your desired results

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