In retrospect – Who made money in this pandemic ? : a case study of Zimbabwe.

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This article is a case study of who made money during the covid19 pandemic. It gives an all round approach and analysis of industries that profited in the pandemic in the 2020 lockdown in Zimbabwe.

Due to the fact that the country as well as the whole world is likely to face such a shutdown because of the second wave of corona virus, this article becomes a gift from tknews to you. It gives information on businesses to embark on in order to thrive in crisis’ such as this.

So who made money?

because its the money that counts.

1.Health institutions.

These include hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. This also includes other companies or individuals who sold  health supplements or substitutes, curative and preventative drugs.

Those who sold herbal teas, sanitizers, masks, gloves, thermometers, PPEs, face shields and natural herbs ( garlic, ginger, lemons) made a ton of money.

2.The delivery guy.

Since everyone was restricted to move, the delivery services made money. They had liberty in as far as movement is concerned. These range from truck drivers who travelled across the borders. Established delivery  companies such as DHL and FedEx. Also individuals who had the liberty to move to and from towns and residential areas.

3.Food retailers.

Food retail shops also made money during the pandemic. They are the most vital essential services. These include supermarkets such as TM PicknPay and OK.


These made money by sewing reusable masks for individuals schools, hospitals as well as companies.

5.Advertising agencies.

Advertising has been revolutionalised by the covid19 lockdown. Advertising moved from formal to informal. Adverts for goods and services were not only being sold in a televised mode, press or radio. The advertising personnel penetrated the social media in order to reach a wide variety of customers.


Talk of bilboads and embroidery printing as well as fabric printing, these companies made money because of the need for companies to advertise their products and services through company regalia.

7.Internet services.

Internet services like telone, econet and Zol also made money during the 2020 lockdown as almost all work, school and entertainment depended on the internet.

8.Online tutors.

The lockdown also introduced the new normal in as far as education is concerned. Lessons and lectures were being conducted virtually. This made online tutors profit on the situation. These included formal platforms like Zoom up to social media platforms like facebook and whatsaap.


Motorists also made a few extra dollars for ferrying passagers on their way to and from work. The problem of transport was caused by the banning of kombis and other passenger vehicles not registered under Zimbabwe United Passangers Company ZUPCO. This problem mainly affected Harare citizens

10.Website developers.

In relation to advertising companies as well as internet providers, website developers also made money. These created e-commerce websites for companies as well as creating online information and pages for other institutions such as hospitals and schools.

11.Food projects.

Food is one of the most vital business category which needs to flourish. People will always need something to eat. During the 2020 covid 19 lockdown in Zimbabwe, individuals with space in their homes resorted to food projects. These are rearing rabbits, poultry farming and gardening to sustain themselves and earn a few dollars. Some took on baking  while others resold food commodities in their residential areas.

12. Entertainment industry.

These people whether artists, promoters or retailers of many forms of entertainment services made money during the covid 19 lockdown of 2020 Zimbabwe. We noted, acknowledged and rewarded talent. In Zimbabwe we witnessed the rise of  Van Choga. The boom of Prophet Passion Java as well as other music and comedy artists.

In Zimbabwe we also noticed the coming in of open view, which was a bridging gap between ZTV and DSTV. It accommodated as well as entertained many. These could not stand the limitedness of ZTV and the expensiveness of  DSTV.

Well, these are the industries which thrived during the lockdown. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Continue visiting this site for all your  sports, entertainment, current affairs, business tips , opinions as well as education. Don’t forget to advertise with us.

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