How to turn your passion into profit.

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YES,,, you can do that while creating a meaningful life for others.

We all have passions don’t we! That thing we do and in the process we lose track of time. We go on and on without feeling tired or hungry. The good news is that you can turn that into profit.

Note that other hobbies like eating will not profit you. Not every passion leads you to big bank deposits but some certainly do.
So let’s name a few,,,
*gardening and rearing livestock you can sell the produce
*athletics you can coach kids in your area
*Gaming, you can open a gaming studio
*Cooking and baking, you can teach it.
*writing, photography music, art etc.
Let’s get into the important details.

For you to make money by doing what you love, there should be CONVERGENCE. This is the intersection between something you like to do or good at doing and what other people are interested in or need.

If you are to profit from gardening, people should want vegetables. same as music art and everything we talked about. You should know that if there are no people willing to pay you for it, then there is no business, you must look for other options.

You do not have one hobby and you do not have one skill as well. Look for other things you are good at and combine them with your hobby and get paid. These little skills include typing, communication, time management, computer literacy, organizational skills etc.

The most important thing in this lesson is that your passion should meet the needs of your market.

These lessons are from a book written by Chris Guillebeau. It’s called The $100 startup : Reinvent the way you make a living , do what you love and create a new future.

It’s about how you can start a business with $100 (or less) and of course terms and conditions apply.
It opens you to other opportunities you have been overlooking or ignoring.

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