How to successfully work from home – tips and strategies.

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Working from home can be a really a make or break aspect in your career. It can transform your career to the next level or put it in the gutters, you choose.

Why do people work from home? Here are some of the reasons.

  • Does not have an office
  • Cannot pay or afford rentals
  • Got overload work to do
  • They may be a freelancer
  • Introverted
  • Loves their home environment
  • Under restrictions like house arrest or a pandemic lockdown

Whether you are working from home just for the weekend, evening or permanently, certain considerations has to be taken to ensure you are really working from home.

We all want to be successful in our professional space right? Let us now explore ways to capitalize this project of working from home. Here is why… because if you are not careful, you may do a little or nothing at all. Now read on…., these are tips for how to work from home.

♦ Ensure free circulation of air.

Unless it is in the evening, open windows. Capitalize on the fresh air.

Ventilation refreshes you and makes you perform better.

♦ work from a clean environment.

Research has shown how a clean environment can add up to our mental potential.

Make sure the floors are clean, the table is tidy and you are clean as well. This helps you to perform better.

Tips on how to work from home include environment. Work from a clean environment and keep it clean too.

♦ remove or get away from distractions

A television set is one of the most dangerous source of distraction at home. The best remedy is to do your work in another room so that you will not be tempted to switch it on.

Another source of distraction is your phone. You might want to switch it off or at least put it on silent so that it will not disturb you.

Turn off pop-up notifications. They may lure you into social media platforms and commercial sites.

♦ what to do with human distractions.

Older people are easy to understand. Come clean to them. Tell them not to disturb your for such amount of time. Tell them you mean to do your work without and disturbances from them.

Look for something to capture and hold the attention of the kids so that they will not disturb you at least not at regular intervals.

♦make sure  you are working under minimal noise.

The idea of total silence in a home is impracticable unless you live alone in a mansion.

Make sure you are in the room that has less noise so that you can work in peace. work from home in a noise free environment.

♦ set a deadline or at least write down all things you would want to achieve.

  • Being alone in a room at home for hours may deceive you into thinking that you are making progress while in actuality there is no progress.
  • Check your time against what you had planned and asses your progress. See if you are actually moving towards something or drifting away.
  • strive to meet that set deadline

♦ get a comfortable chair to sit on

Office chairs are totally different from the home set up seats. Find a chair that is of a good length and that supports your back straight.

The chair should be comfortable enough to make you focus on the task at hand.

Avoid working on a sofa or a barstool. They are not good for your back.

The more comfortable you are, the greater you perform.

assemble all your items.

Make sure you have all what you want near you to avoid frequent movements.

Moving to and fro impacts on your focus.

♦ after an hour or so, stand up and stretch.

Another tip for working from home includes the following. Profit from the mini breaks so as to return to your work with a rejuvenated focus.

The exercise will loosen up your tense muscles

♦ avoid working in your bedroom

-isn’t it obvious….. you may be tempted to lie down then boom ,before you know it you are fast asleep.

– a bedroom has many distractions. You can spend hours on the mirror, fitting and refitting your clothes and shoes ( especially if you are a woman).

♦ avoid the mistake of reinventing you office at home.

The idea is to work in the comfort of your home. Make sure you are comfortable. Wear something that is not too formal. Relax..

♦ make sure you have reliable power and data supply.

Most businesses in this age are being done online. Make sure these are reliable and if anything happens, be sure to have a backup plan.

♦ control your appetite.

As funny as it sounds, have you noticed how your eating habits change with the environment. Most people may forget to eat at work but at home their appetite seems insatiable. At home they are always looking forward to a meal and after a meal they continue to take in in-between snacks.

To avoid this eat your fill and get on with your work. Promise yourself that you are going to  have another meal or snack as a reward for finishing your work.

♦ ask for their opinion.

Is it your wife, husband, maid or child? Show them your work and ask them for their opinion.

They are going to give you a fresher perspective on your work because they not bound by conventional wisdom or your work structures. That feedback may help you to think a little outside the box and make necessary adjustments.

Thank them for their responses.

This technique works well for writers, artists, app developer and many more

♦know when to disengage.

Yes….everything has to end right?. Know when to disengage for the day or for the night. You will be thankful to look at it with a fresher perspective in the morning.

Be sure to rest or do something else them come back later and see things in a new way.

With all this said and done, you will have a successful experience working from home.

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