How to stay healthy on a small budget – during the second wave of corona virus.

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It should be easy to act accordingly and prevent your chances of getting the covid19 virus than curing the virus. Here are some basic and simple tips on how to stay healthy on a small budget.

Your food – a healthy budget.

Eat hot foods. Avoid cold dishes and drinks. Instead warm up your food before eating it and drink a lot of hot fluids.

Intergrate curative and preventative herbs in your meals. These are ginger, onions, and garlic. Make it a point to have at least one of these in each of the food you eat everyday.

There are other herbs like ‘muzumbane’ which are also helpful in curing flu. Drink these in order to prevent the virus. Strive by all means to stay healthy on a small budget.

Protect the little ones.

They are young and naïve. they do not know the impact of their actions. Monitor them. Wash their hands. Encourage them to be careful.

Your environment.

Make sure there is free circulation of air around you. Open windows let air flow in and out of your house or car. Avoid closed spaces and crowded places.

Your body.

Normalize the act of washing of hands with soap and sanitizing. Avoid handshakes.  In public places, avoid touching surfaces.

Your mask.

Wear it with pride. Wear it the right way. It should cover your nose and mouth completely.  avoid wearing one mask for more than one day. You should have at least three masks in order to allow change and wash the other ones. If you are wearing a disposable mask, do not wear it for long periods of time.

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