How to sell professional services.

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Selling professional services is quite different from selling products. Imagine selling something that someone cannot feel, touch and smell, difficult ha?. Here’s how you sell professional services.

 It  is not easy selling services but its simple. Yes I will repeat again, it’s not easy but it’s simple. You only need to master certain areas of your career in order to generate more sales even if you do not have something readily tangible to offer your prospect. it takes a little effort to know how to sell professional services. Read on…

Identify a need.

Show your client what is wrong with them or their company (politely) and convince them that its your service that can cure that. This will make you succeed in selling professional services. Show concern, not for you making money but for your client to prosper. Its never about you. It is about the client.

Be presentable.

Do you know that people may decide to buy from you or not before you even approach them or talk. Now imagine how much more difficult it is to sell an intangible product.

People need a reason to buy from you give them a good impression of yourself. Dress well, it will go a long way.

Communicate well.

You have to master communication be it in written or spoken form. Make up for the absence of something tangible. Create something solid with your words and keep your prospect hooked.

Know what to say.

The problem with relying on words is that sales people get carried away and say the wrong things or say the least important facts. On selling a service I urge you to emphasize on the benefit of the service . list them, illustrate them ,exaggerate them if need be so that you bring your prospect at the same level as you are.

Travel into the future

Of course with your prospect and show them how their world would have changed positively because of your services. Create that aura of victory and share it with them.

Use case studies.

Portray a before and after picture. Choose one of  your happy client’s results as your case study. Bring in your prospective client to witness it, numbers do not lie.

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