How To Protect Self Against Back Pain And Treatment

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Back pain commonly stems from strain, tension, or injury. Back pain has many causes.

Treatment And Prevention Of Back Pain:

* If back pain has a cause like TB, onchocerciasis, a urinary infection, or gall bladder disease, treat the cause. Seek medical help if you suspect a serious disease.

Simple backache, including that of pregnancy, can often be prevented or made better by:

Always standing straight

Sleeping on a firm flat surface

Back bending exercises

For low back pain that comes from lifting or straining, quick relief can sometimes be brought by

a. Have the person lie down with one foot tucked under his knee.

b. Then holding his shoulder down, gently, but steadily push this knee over so as to twist the back. Do this on one side and then the other.

Caution : Do not try this if the back pain is from a fall or injury.

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