How to manage your business.

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I give you this gift on.How to manage your business because it is very easy to turn a blind eye to the finances. Make sure you keep an eye on where your money is coming from and where it is going. Remember we have started this business with your own money ….you can’t afford to lose any.

1 sales per day

How much money is coming in.make a record….write it down.see to it that you have the correct figure.

2 visitors or leads per day

How many people are stopping by to inquire for more information, sign up or take a look at your product. How many visit your site?

3. Avarage order price.

How much are people spending when they order.Is there a trend of buying,,,,maybe summer and winter, morning and afternoon, weekdays and weekends. Take note of this ad adjust to meet your customer’s needs.

4 Sales conversion rate.

What percentage of visitors or leads become your customers. Note that this depends on your ability to negotiate, market and communicate. At least one in two of the visitors should become a buyer after you convince them to take your product or service. However, if that is not the case, then you have to work on your people skills. This aspect is covered in articles we are have already published.

5 net promoter score.

This is what percentage of customers would refer your business to someone else. Remember we talked earlier on about how the word of mouth is becoming a marketing strategy. Thus, if you are good enough,, they will tell a neighbor to tell a neighbor about you. In the end, you will get more customers without paying a cent on ads. Do not forget to advertise with us. tknews.

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