How to handle complains over the phone.

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Have you ever been in a situation whereby the other person on the end of the line is screaming and cursing before they explain their problem. This is a common not only in established firms but also in our day to day lives. Here’s how you can handle complains over the phone. Approach it with an open mind, be clean.


Do it well. Listen to understand. Do not listen to answer. A lot of people these day are listening to answer and answering to defend. Do not do that. Tell the other person to say it slow. Tell them to breathe. Give them time to talk and listen carefully.

Greet them.


At least sound sympathetic. Show that you are on their side. Tell them you will feel the same if such an act was done to you. sympathise with their situation. Try it, it will help ease their anger.


Repeat what they have said to them so that you make sure you git the facts straight. Clarification is very important in determining whether the complainant was really wronged or not.


Not that I am saying customers lie but check. Verify with the place and time where and when the event took place. It saves you from being accused  or taking someone else’s blame.


Give them something . provide answers, alternatives, reasons and or feedback. This is how you handle complains over the phone without doing any harm. If you are not the final decision maker tell them you have to settle the matter with your  superiors. Thank them for their complain. Tell them you are going to fix the matter or get back to them. Make sure you don’t put down the receiver until you are on the same page.

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