How to handle children during lockdown.

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Lockdown has been a stressful way of life especially to people who are used to being mobile. The feeling of being contained has proved to result in many hasty decisions, bad behaviors as well as attitude. This is the same to our children who are inherently mobile and want to explore. Studies have shown that children, if not monitored or given something to occupy them, they misbehave.

They take up what is known as compensatory behavior. Some may become quiet and withdrawn. Others get wild and loud. However, it is not that the children are mischievous. It is because they are driven by the sense of being contained and the feeling to explore. In most cases, they do things to get attention in a negative way.

This article is about how to handle children who are twelve years and below. Visit this site also if your tips on how to handle teenagers, adult children. As well as occupy yourself.

1Get them a pet.

Children identify with animals. They like pets. Get them a dog or a cat. This tactic has two give aways. Firstly it makes them responsible. Make them feed it. Play with it, wash it. This way children will feel that they have a responsibility. It does not have to be a pet if you cannot afford it. If you cannot afford a pet give them flowers or a small portion of a garden. Let them plant what they want ,weed and water it.

 The second bonus of a pet or a garden is thet it somehow makes the children feel superior. Owning something makes them feel like they are grown. In that way, they will not do mischief to prove that they are grown. They will be preoccupied.

2. Play games with them.

Playing on their own becomes boring. The know who wins. They know the same moves each one makes and it seem to be just a game to them. However, playing a game with them at times excites them. Deliberately fail once or twice to make them happy. Play games that are meaningful to them. Games that teach literacy(knowledge game), listening skills ( broken telephone), financial literacy ( monopoly) among others.

3. Hire a tutor for them.

They say all work and no play….. Hire a tutor who will help them with their school work. It doesn’t have to be a professional. You can pay the girl next door who is doing their university studies. Or the child’s elder brother. For an hour or two, they revise their work. You will be surprised of progress they can make.

4.Talk to them.

You might be surprised by how much your children remember. The opinions they hold about you and the things which happened to them. Talking gets it all out. You may uncover a lot of good and bad things which happened to your children without your knowledge. Make them comfortable and get them to talk.

5. Teach them something usefull.

Simple first aid. Etiquette. Manners. Cooking. How to behave in case of an emergency. Surviving skills. Self defence. Hygiene. You name it. Let them learn from you. If you do not know some of these you better start learning.

5. Devide and conquer.

I saved this one for last because I know it comes with a lot of different opinions. Let me start off by mentioning that this is not the right way to do things. And its not wrong either, aha, I got you. Let me know your opinions in the comment section below, lets engage and put up a discussion.

To most of the parent, this lockdown is seen as a holiday. And what do we Africans do?, we send our kids off to our parents ( grandma and grandpa). More on the pros and cons of this later. The thing is that at grandma’s the will be other sibling’s children as well.

This however poses a problem as the numbers grow, so does the mischief. The grandparents however are old and happy to see their grandchildren. This means that they are quick to give in, the procrastinate or neglect to discipline them and probably the children are so many that they cannot keep an eye on all of them. The plan however to monitor your children is to have them near you monitor and keep an eye on them. tknews

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