How to boost confidence.

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Confidence is not in-born. They say it is build during the first six to seven years of your life. The circumstances which surrounded your upbringing played a pivotal part. It either progressed or regressed your confidence. To some of us, confidence or the lack of it is a result of where we are today. Here are some tips on how to boost confidence. Read on…

1.Eliminate negative people.

Yes, get them out of your life. The whiners, the naysayers, the complainers. Eliminate them from your life by either terminating your friendship or either avoiding them. Their attitude towards life is the one you need to shun away from. It leaves a dent in your personality and esteem.

  1. Compliment others.
    Do it genuinely. Complimenting others have two bonuses, it makes both of you feel good. It puts you in a position of authority and in return the recipient of the comment likes you in return. Note that a compliment is not only for the looks and the clothing. It extends to everything. Anything done whereby someone did put in effort and time, notice it. Mention it. Compliment it.

3.Do something good to your body.

Exercise. Bath. Dress well. Get your body in good shape. work out. Put an effort. Get that makes you feel good about yourself. It boosts your confidence.

  1. Feed your mind.
    When was the last time you did?.. read a book. Sharpen your mind. Keep abreast with current affairs. Look up words in the dictionary. This is how you boost your confidence.

5.Help someone.

This works the same way as giving a compliment. Confidence is boosted by good works. It may not be donating one million dollars to charity, it can be helping an elderly person to walk. Sheltering someone in your umbrella on a rainy day. Try it. It will boost your confidence.

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Comment in the section below. Tell us any tip you tried and how it worked out. Also add some ways to boost confidence you think we left out.

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