Heavy blow for Masvingo arts industry as renown Masvingo dramatist Doug Hill dies

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With a career that began in Mutare, then Umtali, in the 1950s, Doug Hill from the onset of his theatre expeditions exhibited great ambition and instinct from staging his first production on a makeshift stage to being one of the cornerstones of Masvingo’s multi-award winning drama company, the Masvingo Drama Circle, now the Masvingo Theatre and Arts Club.

Hill also advocated for the construction of the Charles Austin Theatre, Masvingo’s only theatre house, which was then officially opened in 1974. He is also a former mayor and alderman of Fort Victoria, now Masvingo, and was honoured with the Freedom of the Municipality. He is a former District Governor of the Rotary Club during the period when the District encompassed Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland and a region of South Africa.


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