Gwisai and Majongwe challenge the government

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Majongwe Retains PTUZ SG Post After 22 Years At The Helm -

White farmers, who were evicted from farms almost 20 years ago under the Zimbabwean government’s land reform program, are set to benefit from a landmark deal were on average, each individual of the 3,500 people who applied for compensation will receive almost $1 million.

There were negotiations between Commercial Farmers’ Union and government representative and they agreed on $3.5 billion as compensation for the evication were half will be paid immediately and the other half will be paid in installments for the following 5 years.

Majongwe posted on his Twitter social media page that he had a meeting with Gwisai to challenge the decision by the government to pay “colonizers.”


Had a long meeting with @GwisaiMunya yesterday preparing papers to challenge the gvt decision to pay $3,5B to white farmers who had an interrupted Century of exploiting our land and our Labour.They can’t pay workers a livingwage but can pay colonizers.@i_sibanda@Julius_S_Malema

Raymond Majongwe on Twitter

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