Govt permits companies to sell Vaccine.

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Govt gives the green light on companies to sell Vaccine. All vaccines, however, have to be registered. “We are not going to have people who buy the vaccine as a commercial business entity because we are very clear that CIMAS is going to buy its vaccines but the policy is it will be provided to the CIMAS clients for free,” Deputy Minister of Health John Mangwiro told Parliament.

Govt says private players like companies and medical aid societies are allowed to buy their own coronavirus vaccines but they must do so through the Ministry of Finance and must give them to their workers or members for free.

“So, if the large corporates can buy, it would be good for the government and we encourage it. We would love to have many of them buying and help vaccinate their workers and other people. So, we are not shooting ourselves in the foot because this is for free and the policy is clear to all corporates that the vaccine will be given for free.”

Meanwhile, Below is the full Q&A in Parliament:

HON. BITI: Hon. Speaker, my question is directed to the esteemed Minister of Health and Child Care, Hon. Dr. Mangwiro. In view of the fact that the country has only imported 200 000 Sinopharm vaccines against a population of around 16 million, would it not be prudent that the Drugs Control Council of Zimbabwe registers other vaccines approved by the WHO, the Russian Sputnik 5, Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson to allow medical aid societies, pension funds, trade unions, big corporations such as Delta and Econet to also import these registered drugs, with the Ministry playing a regulatory role to ensure that our people are safe? I think this supplementary private effort will then help the people of Zimbabwe. I thank you.

THE DEPUTY MINISTER OF HEALTH AND CHILD CARE (HON. DR. MANGWIRO): Thank you Hon. Biti for that pertinent question and suggestion. I must say the 200 000 vaccine that were delivered from Sinopharm is just the beginning.

We are in the process of bringing more vaccines not only from Sinopharm but we are almost through with registering the Sputnik he is talking about, Sinovac, Indians are also producing their own vaccines

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