Ginimbi’s death , a cause for concern ?.

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Known for his all night and all white parties, lavish life and constant clashes with Prophet Passion Java, the famous Ginimbi died on the 8th of November 2020.

role of social media

A lot of rumors are being circulated on social media over the death of genius Kadungure one of Zimbabwe’s top socialite. The young man died in a horrific car accident in his Rolls Royce together with his girlfriend and two friends.

This death is causing a lot of stories as well as jokes to circulate on social media as individual story tellers are taking it upon themselves to entertain the masses with true and fake confessions about how the man died, why he died, his net worth as well as his burial.

Other perspective of the story suggests that he had dirty money and was predestined to die in a painful way. The truth of this point of view is supported by the fact that to most people Genius Kadungure was an overnight success. These people may or may not have seen him work from the bottom.

Family relations

Also, the father of the deceased gave an alarming testimony of Ginimbi and his relationship with the members of the family. After an interview with one of our news reporters, it was concluded that although he lived a luxurious life, he did not contribute much to the welfare of his relatives.

What is painfully funny is the demonization of prosperity and fame being done by the so called anonymous prophets and holier than thou individuals who are sending messages with an agenda of punishing those who are wealthy and rewarding those who are poor. Some are even drawing biblical allusions of his death with the death of the rich man in the bible.

The truth is that everyone is going to die and the fact that you are poor or you don’t show off does not make anyone an exception. People should be enlightened in these cases of life and the certainty of death.

Moreover, seeking to be wealthy and endeavoring for the betterment of oneself is not evil at all, the lack thereof is suicidal.

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