Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s wealth and source of income revealed

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Love or hate him, the tragic death of Genius Kadungure has brought the nation to a standstill. The 36 year old businessman’s passing has been the most trending news in not only Zimbabwe but the whole southern African region with publications as far as Kenya and Nigeria publishing articles about him.

Celebrities and businessmen from Zimbabwe to South Africa to Nigeria to Dubai to Europe to America have been passing their condolences across various platforms in honour of Ginimbi as he was affectionately known.

The millionaire socialite was one who was not afraid to live his life to the fullest without regard for criticism that was thrown at him.

Why Ginimbi Was Famous
He was mostly know for his lavish lifestyle which was the envy of many but also a sign of hope especially amongst the youths of Zimbabwe. From his Domboshava mansion, lavish parties, fleet of luxury cars, jewellery, holiday trips overseas (New York, Miami, Dubai, Monaco, Singapore, France, Thailand…), one could not help but draw inspiration or hate whenever they followed the life of Ginimbi on Instagram.

“My life is your TV,” was his catchphrase on social media where he would document his life for all to see.

He would host lavish parties locally and abroad which would cost him tens of thousands of US$ per day. In 2019 he hosted his all white birthday party at an exclusive resort in Dubai and guests flew in from all over the world to attend. This party was rumoured to have cost him north of US$150 000.

Locally in Zimbabwe, he owned the upmarket Dreams nightclub. He would regularly hire top artists to perform there. Artists from across Africa such as Ricky Rick, Ice Prince, Nadia Nakai and more are some of the big names that performed at his club. With performers from as far as America being brought in by the monied up Ginimbi.

So popular was Ginimbi, he would be invited to exclusive events in South Africa and celebrities from that country would rush to have photos and videos taken of them with him.

From overseas shopping trips with international celebrities such Akon, to dinning with prophets such as Makandiwa, Eubert Angel, Bushuri to house parties with celebrities such as Davido. It is no wonder why Ginimbi was a very popular man.

Ginimbi was undeniably a millionaire many times over. He was a serious petrol head and his fleet of cars included:

Rolls Royce Ghost (2016 model)
Rolls Royce Ghost (2020 model)
Rolls Royce Wraith
Bentley Continental GT (2014 model)
Bentley Continental GT W12 (2020 model)
Bentley Bentayga
Bentley Mulsanne
Lamborghini Aventador S coupe
Ferrari 488 Spider
Mercedes G Wagon Brabus (2016 model)
Mercedes G Wagon G63 (2020 model)
Range Rover Vogue Autobiography (2019 Model)
Range Rover Sport SVR (2019 model)
Range Rover Sport Lumma (2017 model)
Range Rover Sport (2018 model)
Range Rover Velar (2018 model)
Mercedes Benz S Class (2014 model)
Mercedes Benz S Class (2019 model)
Plus many other high end cars spanning from BMW to Jaguar to Toyota to Lexus.

His entire car collection is easily worth US$10 million with every car being bought for cash in full. Rolls Royce South Africa accredited Ginimbi as the youngest Rolls Royce buyer in Southern Africa after he had acquired a new Rolls Royce Ghost. Weeks before his passing he had received an invitation by Bentley Motors to attend the launch of their new cars.

Ginimbi was also well invested in property. His most popular property was his sprawling Domboshava mansion which could rival many other mansions in neighborhoods such as Beverly hills. However, he also owned other properties dotted around Harare in suburb’s namely Greystone Park, Borrowdale Brooke, Mt Pleasant and Glen Lorne.

He also owned a penthouse and another mansion in the upmarket Sandton in South Africa where his companies headquarters were located.

Source Of Wealth

Ginimbi owned Piko Trading which specialised in gas, fuel, freight, solar and property. His business interests spanned over the SADC region mainly in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Angola.

He was one of the very first black pioneers of LPG gas for commercial and domestic use in Zimbabwe before the current gas boom. Several gas companies he owned under Piko Trading include: Quick gases, Pioneer gases, Rivonia Gases, Pula gases.

Having started with humble beginnings in the gas and fuel business, Ginimbi quickly moved to establish himself in Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries. He would go on to live in SA for the greater part of his business career only to return to Zimbabwe to live having already stabilised and profited massively from his businesses. Amongst his many businesses and hustles, he also owned a trucking company called City Centre Freight.

However, in spite of all his businesses, many are of the strong belief that he acquired everything through juju rituals and blood sacrifices simply because he didn’t show people his source of income. In an interview in 2018 with Star Fm he spoke about why he only posted the party life saying social media is all about social.

Some say he used juju because he never helped anyone which is way wrong as he started a foundation called The Genius Foundation which he used to help people very silently and humble which is what is taught in the by Christ in the bible. In the interview we mentioned above he spoke about The Genius Foundation and how the people he helped are probably praying for him so that God increases his riches.

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